1. The representative of Welsh Auctions conducting the sale

      is called the “Auctioneer”.These conditions alone govern 

      the sale of each lot by the vendor to the buyer and all other 

      conditions, warranties or terms whether express or implied

      by statute or common law are excluded.


2.   This is a B2B  trade only auction and The Sale of Goods Act 1979

       does not apply to any auction conducted by Welsh Auctions.


3.   Each lot is put up for sale subject to any reserve price 

      placed by the vendor. It is the vendor’s right to bid 

      personally up to the reserve price, or to appoint one 

      person (who may be the auctioneer) to do so on their behalf.


4.   For all purposes of sale the Auctioneer shall be deemed

      to be the agents of both the vendor and the buyer and 

      may in the case of lots upon which there is a reserve price,

      exercise the right to bid on behalf of the vendor. 


5.   As agent the Auctioneer cannot be responsible for any 

      default by either the vendor or buyer.


6.   The Auctioneer reserves the right to re-sell any lot after 

      the fall of the hammer in the case of any dispute or discrepancy. 


7.   The auctioneer’s decision in cases of dispute

      will be final. Any person on the premises of the sale shall 

      be deemed to be there at their own risk. 


8.   No under-16s are allowed on the premises of the sale.





9.  All patrons proposing to bid MUST register by completing the 

     correct forms online, Failure to do so will mean the 

     auctioneer cannot accept a bid. 


10. Welsh Auctions reserves the right to refuse registration 

      to any person without giving a reason. 


11. Each successful buyer must pay the full amount by 

      cash or card, including buyer’s premium, to Welsh Auctions no 

      later than 48 hrs following the close of the auction.


12. Each buyer, by making their final bid for a lot acknowledges 

      that they have satisfied themselves before bidding as to the 

      physical condition of the lot and whether the lot is damaged 

      or has been repaired, as:



13.The buyer becomes responsible for each lot from the fall of 

      the hammer. Each lot is sold with all faults, imperfections and 

      errors of description. Neither Welsh Auctions nor the vendor 

      are responsible for the authenticity, attribution, genuineness, 

      origin, authorship, date, age, period, condition or quality 

      of any lot.


14. All statements in the sale catalogue or elsewhere including any 

      verbal statements made by the staff of Welsh Auctions are 

      statements of opinion only, and are not to be taken as being 

      or implying representations of fact.


15. Payment is direct to our bank, cash, credit card or debit card.              Credit card payments carry an additional surcharge equal to 3%          of the whole bill. We only accept card payments in person at our        premises and DO NOT take card payments over the telephone.


16. All lots must be cleared within 48hrs of the sale unless 

      otherwise agreed with the Auctioneer. 


17. Due care must be taken when removing lots and any 

      parties causing damage to the property will be held 

      responsible for any repair costs incurred.


18. Buyers will be charged a storage fee of £5 per lot per 

      day for goods left on the premises if they have been 

      requested to remove them and if the goods are not

      removed within seven days of such request. 


19. Welsh Auctions reserves the right to sell the goods without 

      reserve to defray costs and storage charges.



Precious Metals:


20. Welsh Auctions do not test any of the precious metals offered 

      for sale. Any items of ‘Gold’ or ‘Silver’ have been described   

      as such based on a correct and recognised Hallmark being        

      present. For the avoidance of doubt, any precious metals being

      offered for sale will simply be described as “White or Yellow      


Electrical Items:


21. Welsh Auctions advise you to check any electrical items before  

       use and would recommend the item being checked by a    

       qualified electrician. Welsh Auctions, it’s vendors, sellers or

       buyers cannot be held responsible for electrical items which fail        any test carried out by a qualified electrical or other person  

       qualified or not.


Bid Increments:


22. All lots, unless otherwise stated are sold without reserve. A

      starting price and bid increment of £2 will apply to all lots. Any  

      lots that carry a reserve will be clearly identified. Lots reaching

      over £100 will carry bid increments of £5.



Viewing and Condition Reports:


23. All auctions conducted by Welsh Auctions have designated  

       viewing times during which the lots offered for sale can be  

       inspected by prospective buyers. Photographs and brief  

       descriptions of lots can be viewed online for many of our sales,

       but it must be noted that there is an ‘opportunity to view’ for all

       buyers and as such the buyer is still responsible for satisfying

       themselves as to the physical condition of the lot prior to    


24. For potential buyers who are unable to travel to the saleroom

      we offer a  ‘Condition Report’ service – i.e. we can provide a

      detailed written description of the lot to assist the buyer in their

      decision to make bid. However, you must still satisfy yourself as

      to the physical condition of the item prior to bidding. Email us for       more information.




25. Welsh Auctions have an in-house packing and shipping service.

      Charges vary – please ask for a quote before bidding if you do

      require this service. Please note that some items cannot be

      shipped for insurance reasons.



26. All goods will be held insured against the risks of fire, burglary

      and water damage, for which Welsh Auctions include in the

      sellers premium.


27. The value of the goods so covered shall be the gross amount

       realised, or in the case of unsold lots the highest bid, or in the

       case of lots prior to a sale that which the specialised staff of

       Welsh Auctions shall in their absolute discretion, estimate to be

       the auction value of goods.

28. Welsh Auctions reserve the right to store or arrange the storage          of goods delivered to them for sale on their own premises or    

       elsewhere at their sole discretion. They exempt themselves

       from any liability for loss or damage to goods delivered to their

       salerooms without sufficient sale instructions.

29. Welsh Auctions declaims all responsibility for loss or damage of         goods or for unauthorised removal of goods unless caused by           negligence of their employees.

30. All goods are put up for sale without reserve at the discretion of

      the Auctioneer, unless Welsh Auctions receives written    

      instructions as to reserve prior to the commencement of the

      sale. Lots which carry an agreed reserve shall be charged at 5%         of the agreed reserve price in the event of the lot being unsold           after the auction. Inclusion of such lots in further sales are at the          discretion of the management. 

31. Any lots bearing a reserve that fail to sell and are not collected           by the vendor within 7 days of the sale will be automatically

      entered into the next available auction with any reserves                     reduced by 50%. Unreserved lots that fail to sell will be                         automatically entered into the next available sale. If the item               fails to sell for a second time, then the seller must make                       arrangements to collect the item within 7 days of the end of the         sale. Failure to collect the unsold item will attract a storage fee of       £5.00 per lot per day. ANY lots not collected after attracting a             £35 storage fee will be sold unreserved to cover any cost or will         be disposed of without further notice.

32. Welsh Auctions will include the cost of post, packing &                          insurance to any item entered into our online shop and this will          be reflected in the actual selling price online. Therefor, the sale          price shown online will include these charges. These charges            are not payable by the seller and settlement to the seller will be        nett of these charges.


33. The vendor will duly indemnify Welsh Auctions in connection  

       with any goods sold on the vendor’s behalf.

34. (Auction) Settlement is a maximum of 7 days after completion             of sale, less auction charges, provided the buyer has paid us in           full. If an e-mail address and bank details are not provided, we           can send  sale notifications by post and make payment by                   Cheque. Due to the postal and bank charges involved this                   service incurs an additional cost of £4.50 per sale.

35. (Shop) As we have to allow 14 days for potential returns,                       settlement for items sold in our online shop, will be made on               the 21st day following the sale of your item if the item has not             been returned. We will of course inform you as soon as your               item has been sold in any case.


36. All catalogued lots withdrawn prior to auction will incur a fee  

      equal to 10% of the lower estimate or 10% of the reserve price,

      whichever is highest, plus a £10 fixed fee per lot.


Charges summary:



  •       Buyer’s Premium 23% of sale price

  •       Credit Card Surcharge 3% of total bill 

  •       Basic Sellers Commission 15% of sale price 

  •       £2 per item for online shop entries plus 15% commission

  •       £4.50 bank / postal charges if no bank account details                   provided for payment.

  •       Point 34 above fee if applicable. 

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